Gigabyte U60 unboxing (開箱報告)

Special Thanks to Expansys (Hong Kong) passed this good machine for our evaulation.


GIGABYTE UMPC U60 using VIA C7-M (ULV) processor. Including IEEE 802.11 b/g wireless and BT 2.0+EDR.

GIGABYTE UMPC U60 contains stereo microphone and one speaker (at the back). 300K pixel Webcam is an interesting parts as it has a face recognition focusing system!!

Gigabyte U60 Unboxing 開箱報告

6.5" LCD、C7-M 1.0GHz CPU、30GB 1.8" Hard Disk、768MB、b/g Wifi、藍芽、Windows XP Home

Splitted Qwerty Keyboard

Four function keys : Bluetooth, Wifi, Webcam,

主機右下角是滑鼠指標操控板 (right-hand corner - touch pad)

左下角是滑鼠左右鍵 (Left-hand corner - Left- & Right-click mouse buttons)

VIA C7-M ULV 1Gb processor



The Gigabyte U60 Ultra-Mobile PC allows you to use full Windows XP in a handheld form factor - combine that with a full slide-out QWERTY keyboard, and you can create documents, respond to emails and communicate with other users using messaging applications like Windows Messenger.


Operating System Windows XP Home Edition
Dimensions 190mm x 120.8mm x 28.3mm (W x H x D)
Weight 0.720kg
Processor VIA 1GHz ULVC7
Main Memory 768MB
Hard Drive 1.8" 5mm 30GB UDMA 133, 4,200rpm
Display 6.5" WVGA TFT LCD with LED backlight
Display Resolution 800x480
Wi-Fi 802.11b/g WLAN
Bluetooth 2.0 Class II

The Gigabyte U60 also features a stylus-operated touchscreen, as well as cursor control using a touchpad, a left-click button and a right-click button. Expansion and addition of peripherals is easy - the U60 includes USB ports, a VGA connector for connecting to your desktop monitor and an SD/MMC memory slot.

The Gigabyte U60 has an in-built speaker, as well as an audio jack for connecting heaphones. Bluetooth is included so you can connect to other Bluetooth accessories and devices, and WLAN is also provided so you can connect to the Internet through WiFi Access Points.

(to be continued.....好戲還在後頭)

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Gigabyte U60 vs Raon Digital Everun S60H

Optical Mouse (Everun) vs Touch Pad (U60)

C7-M ULV 1Gb Process (U60)

Gadget Show~~ U60 -- Everun -- NDSL -- Softbank X01HT

Top to bottom : X01HT -- NDSL -- Everun -- U60

Top to bottom : X01HT -- NDSL -- Everun -- U60

Qwerty Keyboard of X01HT vs U60

(more is coming )

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Start up from Hibernate & Restart comparison!!

It is quite interesting that Everun is running at 600MHz AMD CPU and U60 is running at 1G Hz C7-M CPU, would U60 be faster than Everun on startup?

You may find the comparison below!

Round 1, Restart fight:

Round 2, Hibernate battle:

Obviously, it is not a true rule that faster CPU would have a better startup time! However, it is true that faster CPU would have a better performance on playing movie clip (especially on playing rmvb format). You will see the difference in the next review!

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Movie Clip Playing ability!

As I mentioned above, although U60 lost in the first round, it will get it back in this movie playing battle!

Movie clip information:

Resol: 640 x 480

Format: rmvb

Bitrate: 881 kbps

Frame rate: 25 fps

This time we also performed two comparison. The first one is using the same player (Real Alternative) to directly compare their performance! In the second test, GOM Player will be used as master player on Everun. On the other hand, U60 will keep on using RA.

Round One ~ Fight! All you get~~

As expected, U60 (1 GHz) performs better than Everun (600MHz) on rmvb playing. However, it is quite interesting that different movie player would give different performance! Let have another comparison!

Round Two ~ Fight!

Yes, it is interesting that Everun plus GOM player will have a different result! There are many peoples love to watch rmvb movie clip in Hong Kong! I think this review will turn their trend from PMP to UMPC
<img src="

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FineArt PenSoft on Gigabyte U60

FineArt PenSoft is a handwriting recognition system pre-loaded in U60.

There are two recognition systems inside Pensoft.

1. Handwriting Recognition

2. English Word

Handwriting Recognition could only recognize single letter once at a time with a high accuracy.
English Word can recognize a whole word based on its database, so that it will correct your word. On the other hand, you cannot write a new word, likes UMPC, under a English Word mode!!

(to be continue~~~)

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Game Simulator on Gigabyte U60

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Here are my comments on these two devices.

Everun :
1. really good form factor with compact size and reasonable screen size.
2. first optical mouse (pointer) in UMPC community
3. light sensor - brilliant design
4. screen rotate - genius
5. Ext. HD function - very concern

U60 :
1. 6.5" screen - good size
2. Splitting Qwerty Keyboard - better than Everun
3. C7-M processor - better than Everun

However, I should say I will prefer Everun rather than U60.
Although U60 has a larger screen, but I think it is a bit blurry and almost cannot be read under sunlight.
The C7-M processor performs a bit better than Everun but much worse than Intel A110 processor.
Moreover, the battery life of Everun is excellent. The movie playing time of Everun reaches 4' 50" but only 2' 45" for U60.

As a UMPC (Ultra-mobile), I thing battery life is very important. Everun seems doing the best in the existence UMPC devices.


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